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Top 10 Euro Nymph Patterns - Fulling Mill

Top 10 Euro Nymph Patterns - Fulling Mill


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Modern nymphing techniques, especially those known as Euro nymphing, have exploded in popularity in recent years. While Euro nymphing has been well established on the competition scene for years, many other anglers are now realizing just how effective it is. If you’re looking to try it yourself—or looking to up your game—you’ve come to the right place. While rods and lines matter, you can’t catch anything without the right euro nymph patterns!


1. Duracell Jig Barbless (TBH)

Time and time again this fly gets the job done. An excellent attractor pattern, the subtle flash paired with the natural movement of the CDC make it irresistible. From 12-18, this is a guaranteed confidence pattern.



2. Spanish Bullet

This fly comes in several color variations, and they’re all extremely effective. With their thin bodies and heavy tungsten beads, they sink faster than just about any fly. As a result, they help you get in the zone faster, which allows you to extend your drifts. Not only that, but they can be used to fish pockets that would be un-fishable otherwise. They’re perfect for any river with healthy mayfly populations.



3. Sob-Czech Barbless

The Sob-Czech is an excellent pattern for imitating larvae and grubs. It comes in a number of color variations, depending on the forage you see in your rivers. The buggy body paired with flash and a hot spot make this an excellent fly to motivate stubborn trout.


4. Croston’s Spring Brown Barbless

New to the range this year from World Champion Howard Croston, this is an excellent March Brown imitation. A larger, buggy meal, it’s an ideal fly to entice hungry fish as they transition from their winter feeding habits. This fly comes in sizes 14 and 16, with two oversized tungsten bead options for getting down deep in high water.



5. Croston’s Spring Quill Barbless

Another new addition to our range, the Spring Quill, is a great fly to choose when targeting picky fish. While it does have a hotspot collar, its slim profile and natural colors make it deadly when more flashy options aren’t working. This fly comes in sizes 14 and 16, and has a standard bead and oversized bead option.




6. Croston’s Car Wash Caddis Barbless

Whenever there are caddis around, this is a must have fly in your box. Heavy and buggy, it’s a top producer all over the world.



7. Roza’s Pink PT Barbless

It’s no secret that pheasant tails produce fish all over the world. They’re on the most effective nymph patterns of all time. When World Champion Lubos Roza ties a pheasant tail on, this is his go-to variation. With red wire ribbing on the body, a peacock thorax and a pink tungsten bead, it’s a fish catching machine.



8. Roza’s Hare’s Ear Bomb Barbless

Just like the pheasant tail, the hare’s ear is a winner. It gets it done time and time again. This variation incorporates a tungsten jig back, which makes it ideal for when you need to fish the bottom of a pool for stubborn fish that you wouldn’t be able to reach otherwise.



9. Roza’s Tag Jig Barbless

Another effective pattern from World Champion Lubos Roza, this tag jig should be a staple in your fly box in all colors. The hot spot tag paired with the dark body and sparse CDC collar gives it great movement underwater. Available in pink, red or green, they come in a variety of bead sizes and colors.



10. Milkman (TBH) Barbless

From Fulling Mill Technical Manager Eric Kelley: “I like nothing more than a simple buggy looking nymph that can replicate many things. I like this fly on the TMC 2499 because of it’s serious holding power and it really gives the fly a nice caddis pupa/shrimp profile. The white bead against the red floss hot spot gives this fly a color contrast that helps act as a trigger point. This is my #1 confidence fly wherever I happen to be fishing. 


Top 10 Euro Nymph Patterns. Do you have them all in your fly box?


Blog provided by Fulling Mill, March 2021
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