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New Product - FullingMill Hopper Box

New Product - FullingMill Hopper Box



Hopper season is just around the corner. Have you been dreaming about throwing big bugs to the riverbank and watching trout crush them? We sure have. In honor of this very special time of year, we couldn’t be more thrilled to share our newest fly box. Introducing, The Hopper Box! 

The Hopper Box uses the same shell as the Streamer box. This means it’s loaded with head room, making it perfect for terrestrials, other large dries, and even small streamers.


 The Hopper Box has lots of head room so your large dries and terrestrials have plenty of room to breathe.

We outfitted it with smaller foam slits so it has a higher capacity than the streamer box— 216 flies in fact. You’ll be able to load up more than enough for a day on the water.

Coming in blue with a clear frosted lid, you can quickly differentiate between the different fly selections in your bag.


 With a frosted lid it’s easy to see what’s underneath in the hopper box.


Give your flies the box they deserve this season. Head to the link below and order now!

Posted by FullingMill: July 14, 2021

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