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An Ode To Our Favorite Pets

An Ode To Our Favorite Pets


We're taking a break from the fishing content to give a shout out to our pets. Over the past year, we've been thankful for all the furry friends in our lives that keep us company. In this week's blog post, a few of our staff write about their favorite pets. 


Tony Gehman's Black Lab :Grace

Grace loves to go on long hikes and explore in the woods.  Her favorite thing is to chase deer and swim in the cold trout streams.   She is 10 years old and keeps me moving every day.

Chris Frangiosa's British Bi-Color Shorthair Cat: Thurston Thudley III 

Thud is a 21 pound living room lion who sleeps about 18 hours a day.  He get's walked on a leash and likes to attack Amy in his spare time

Amy Coen's Mini Long Hair Dachshund Dog:

Tippet loves green beans, Chris Frangiosa, and Jake Villwock. 

Adam Hick's German Shorthair Pointer: 
Rose (High Mountain Rose) 

She is loving and eager to please partnered with a very strong pre drive makes her possibly the best GSP west of the Susquehanna

Sam Reibman's English Setter: Dalva

She likes hunting woodcock, pointing dead birds without picking them up, eating
blue cheese, and stealing heady beers when I'm not looking. 

David Bower's Border Collie Bindi

Bindi loves greeting customers at TCO State College and licking trout. Her mortal enemies include vacuum cleaners and bubble wrap.

Steve Turisi's Lab Darbee

Yellow lab that like to fetch tennis balls and frisbees, like swimming, fishing and going to the creek. Name after Elsie Darbee and almost was named Lt Cahill.
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Stephen M Fries - July 3, 2021

I loved all your sweet pet pictures; they get us through life and troubles.

Edwah O'Neill - July 3, 2021

All wonderful companions. I remember Darbee as a new puppy. She’s gotten big, while I got old. Sadly my dogs aren’t fishing dogs. But great at being couch potatoes. Have a great summer and stay cool AMIGOS.
1❤️ Edwah

don I Thomas - July 3, 2021

Hope you get my photo of my fishing partner copper a 8 year old golden retrieriver. Thanks for sharing you pets .never meet a animal who I didn’t like. Tight lines to all keep up the great work you do. Best to all copper& i.

Pat - July 3, 2021

German Shorthairs are the blast. You should start a vote. Best TCO PET.

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