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  • UV Tan Shrimp
    October 26, 2022 Jacob Gilliland

    UV Tan Shrimp

    The original UV scud was invented by author and guide, Pat Dorsey. I’ve varied some of the materials he used in his original pattern to come up with my own variation. The UV tan shrimp has been a staple in...

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  • Gear Review - Scott Centric 10' 4wt Review
    October 5, 2022 Frank Landis

    Gear Review - Scott Centric 10' 4wt Review

    For this post I’ll be sharing an in-depth breakdown of my thoughts regarding the Scott Centric 10 ft 4 wt. I chose this specific rod to add to my lineup because I was looking for something that is purely versatile. Though I enjoy...

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