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The View from the Middle Seat - Jac Ford

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“Jac has given us a clear and concisely written memoir of his vast angling experience wrapped up in a wonderful piece of reference material that anglers of all skill sets can utilize for success on the water. Simply put, if you want to delve into the realm of hunting trophy trout, this book will fill that void and make any angler who reads it ready for that next adventure.” 


“I’ve known Jac for over three decades; he’s a total original, cutting his own path, and an out-of-the-box thinker which makes him a great teacher and guide. This book is full of techniques and tips that will improve anyone’s game.”  ​ 


“In The View From the Middle Seat, Jac shares his wealth of accumulated knowledge, covering the food of trophy fish, the flies, and the techniques needed to catch them. If you are looking for a trophy fish, this book might just give you the edge to be successful!”


“In his boat Jac has a way of putting you at ease even while directing you in the hunt of trophy fish.  In his book Jac is able to get those points across in a way that seems like you are having a conversation with an old friend. Jac’s laid-back attitude comes through in his writing; you will have a hard time putting this book down once you start reading . . . Jac Ford is far too humble a man to ever say it himself, but he is a Midwest icon that has likely forgotten more about our sport than most ever figure out in the first place. This book is fly-fishing PhD education thinly veiled as entertainment.”


“Jac’s knowledge and insights can aid the novice and the experienced anglers as well. I’ve had the pleasure, joy (many laughs), and excitement of drifting the Yellowstone and the Pere Marquette with Jac—experiences I will treasure and not forget. The View From the Middle Seat is an adventure, a learning experience that will enhance your fishing game.”