• Dusty Wissmath 2 Day Fly Fishing School - Boiling Springs

Dusty Wissmath 2 Day Fly Fishing School - Boiling Springs

$ 395.00



TCO Boiling Springs Two Day Fly Fishing School
Our most popular offering, this two-day clinic combines the fundamental of fly fishing with practical experience. It is tailored for the person who wants an in-depth introduction to the sport. The first day of the class covers basic casting mechanics as well as the tackle and knots used in the sport. Time will be spent in our classroom and on the lake just outside as you master the skills, with the help of video analysis, to develop a cast that is efficient, effective and repeatable. We will also begin a discussion on fly design and how it relates to what fish eat. 

The second day will be spent primarily on the stream. You will be introduced to riparian ecology, fly selection (matching the hatch), reading water, moving water casts, presentation casts, line management and aquatic entomology. Later in the afternoon, you will have the opportunity to catch your first fish on a fly as you are guided by your instructors. You will leave this class with a foundation of skills and knowledge that will allow you to enjoy fly fishing and continue learning on your own. Class includes lunch.

Call Dusty for questions: +1 (540) 220-9283


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PRICE: $395 | 2 Full Days

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