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Chocklett Factory Jerk Changer

Original price $ 17.00 - Original price $ 20.25
Original price $ 17.00
$ 17.00
$ 17.00 - $ 20.25
Current price $ 17.00
Color: Black


OOOO-MAMA! Do these flies swim erratically?!

Blaine Chocklett tied these flies to mimic the wild movement of plastic Jerk-Baits. The Jerk Changer whips side to side, and the fly has a realistic baitfish profile. The Jerk Changer sends a certain 'distress signal' that large, predatory fish go crazy for!

You may notice the hook in the center of the fly attached to a long shank. The hook placement and the long front shank gives the fly its unique swimming action. These flies are one of a kind, and if you are fishing for fish that eat fish, you need a couple in your fly box!

From Blane Chocklett: "The Jerk Changer is the next evolution of the Game Changer platform. The unique design gives the fly angler a unique action only seen in the conventional lure market. The Jerk Changer can be used as a glide bait with its side to side gliding action and as a jerk/swimbait much like the famous soft plastic fluke lures. These built in designees will bring vicious mind blowing attacks from all types of predatory fish around the world. "


Total Length: 4/5/6 inches

Ahrex SA274 Hook

Large 3 Bead Rattle

4 Shanks