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Patagonia Wader Care Guide

A thorough rinse with fresh water after each outing is essential. Putting your wading gear away wet or not rinsing with fresh water can lead to damaging mold growth and eventual degradation of the fabric. Similarly, high heat and moisture can cause irreparable damage, so please don’t leave wet waders in a hot car over the weekend.

We engineer all Patagonia waders and wading pants to be easily machine-washed and dried. It’s a good practice to wash your waders before they start looking dirty or smelling less-than-fresh. We recommend washing and drying after fishing different drainages, as this limits the transfer of invasive species between waterways. Before storing for an extended period, wash and dry waders.

Proper care symbols are printed in all our waders. Here are some helpful instructions:

We suggest machine washing separately in cold water with a mild detergent in an agitator-less washing machine for regular cleaning of dirt and body oils. Open zippers and pockets for the most thorough clean. If using a washing machine with a center agitator, be sure to use the delicate cycle. After draining, follow with a low-heat tumble dry cycle, which helps kill invasives.

Begin the dry cycle with the waders inside-out, and then reverse once the linings of the booties feel dry. Finish with a low-heat tumble dry, and you’re all set!

To freshen and to help break the alkaline bond that comes from fishing brackish water, 1/4 cup of distilled white vinegar can be substituted for the mild detergent in the above process. Vinegar also helps remove invasive species and strips away body odor retention that arises from detergent buildup.

Do not bleach, iron, dry clean, or use fabric softeners.

Fish hard, fish often, and fish clean.