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TCO 2022 Holiday Gift Guide

By: Andy Ellis - TCO Buyer

Holiday gift shopping can be tough especially if you have a friend or family member who fly fishes. 
Anglers are picky about their equipment and sometimes it can be hard to know what they need or don’t already have.
No need to panic... here at TCO we have your back!  We stock the latest goods from the best brands in the industry... plus some staples that never go out of style.  
Below are some of our favorites for any budget and any angler.  We broke these down to 3 price ranges:

Stocking Stuffers: $5 - $30 |  Mid Price Gifts: $50 - $150 | Jaw Dropping Excitement: $200 - $500 


Great Stocking Stuffers for your Fishing Enthusiast | Price Range: $4.95 - $30

DeYoung Rocks Glass

Price $22

Long time friend of TCO, Derek DeYoung is an amazing talent in the art world!  His abstract view of the various fish species he captures is awesome.
His rocks glass collection is our favorite for enjoying an old fashion or sipping some bourbon.


Fishpond Fly Puck

Price $4.95

The classic fly puck is a staple in many fishing vests, boat bags, and tying benches. Fishpond took this classic design and made it better. These sealing, waterproof containers have ample room for flies, split shot, indicators, or any other  streamside necessity.

* Pro Tip: Go above and beyond by filling the puck with some of your favorite flies or have a TCO team member pick out some winners for you!

Montana Fly Company® Artist Series Fly Box

Price $28

Montana Fly Company® Poly Fly Boxes offer a compact design, tough-impact-resistant plastic construction, and a unique slit foam on both interior sides. With a variety of available designs, these make great fly boxes and great gifts. Dimensions: 5.75" x 3.5" x 1.5"

* Pro Tip: Go above and beyond by filling the box with some of your favorite flies or have a TCO team member pick out some winners for you!

Darn Tough Spey Fly Crew Sock

Price $24

Unfortunately, anglers can’t always be fishing. Sometimes we need to dress up and handle some business. These merino wool lifestyle socks are for those occasions.
Dressy enough to make any fishing fanatic look presentable, but the trout on the sock will let everyone know they’d rather be on the water!

Simms Wool Half Finger Mitt

Price $29.95

It is hard to beat the dexterity and low-bulk warmth this wool half finger mitt provides for the price. 
The wool construction of these gloves protects against cold days on the water, while the half finger design easily allows for knot tying and re-rigging.

Puffin Beer Koozie

Price $17.95

We already know every angler looks good drinking their favorite beverage streamside, on the boat, or even at home. But their drink should also look good. Dress that IPA up with a nice puffy insulated fishing vest. These koozies are not only unique and stylish, but also practical.
All Puffin Koozies come with a rubber weighted base to keep drinks upright and full until finished.

* Pro Tip: Grab a TCO gift card and slide it into this fancy koozie for an extra surprise! (click here for TCO Gift Card)


Perfect for your Fishing Buddy | Price Range: $50 - $150


Orvis Premium Fly-Tying Kit

Price $148

While fishing can be great in the winter it is also prime time for tying and refilling those fly boxes.
The Orvis fly tying kit has everything someone would need to start a new addiction… I mean a lifelong passion!
Give the gift that benefits everyone. When your fishing partner ties, that means more flies for you too!

Patagonia Early Rise Snap Shirt

Price $139

This ultra-soft microfleece shirt quickly becomes a favorite in everyone’s wardrobe. The versatility of this shirt is what makes it a winner.
Wear it as an outer layer on dry days or layer it on cold and wet days.
** Bonus points for being made of 100% recycled polyester!

Hatch Nipper

Price $137

Life is about the luxuries, and these nippers are luxurious! Cut through tippet from 7x to 40lb fluorocarbon with ease. Each nipper comes with a lanyard to make sure the nippers are always at hand and never lost in the water.
Give your favorite fly fisher the gift they don’t need but want!

Howler Brothers Pull Over Hoodie

Price $69

Everyone already has a hoodie…but can always use one more. You just can’t beat the warmth, comfort and style of a good hoodie.
The Howler Pull Over delivers all of that with the unique styling that is Howler Brothers. The cotton polyester blend keeps it warm and light.
Thumb holes at the bottom of the sleeve keep everything in place when layering.


Gifts That Will Make Their Jaws Drop | Price Range: $200 - $500


Orvis Hydros II Euro Reel

Price $279

If anyone is going to Euro nymph fish, they should have the right tools. Orvis updated their popular Hydros reel with some great features to make any tight-liner smile.
The reel is made heavier to balance the longer Euro rods. Orvis also includes a full reel cage to keep the temperamental mono rigs from tangling up on the reel at the most inopportune time.  

Ross Matte Olive Colorado Reel

Price $375

All Ross Reels have a great classic look, but sometimes classics could use an update. This fall Ross introduced new colors to the lineup. Ross now offers their Animas and Colorado in a Matte Olive. The updated finish looks great on any trout or smallmouth set up.

Hatch Iconic Reel

Price $550 - $995

Made in California and used all over the world. The Hatch Iconic series of fly reels provide reliability and confidence in a stylish package.
Whether targeting trout here in PA or Permit in Cuba, any angler would be thankful to have an Iconic when the that fish starts peeling line off the reel.

Waterworks / Lamson Centerfire Reels

Price $479 - $579

The Lamson Cobalt reel was a favorite among the saltwater anglers of TCO. It may have been a little heavy, a little bulky, and pretty boring looking…but it was loved!
WW/Lamson could sense the hole the departure of the Cobalt left in our reel cases and our hearts.  Luckily, they filled it with the newly released Centerfire. It’s built with the same IPX8 waterproof rated Cobalt drag system as the original Cobalt. The Centerfire is lighter but still boasts the large backing capacity of its predecessor all with 2 fresh new paint jobs, Citra and (my favorite) Eclipse!

Scott Wave Fly Rod

Price $675

The Scott rod line is not expansive, but each rod serves a purpose and performs exceptionally well. The new Scott Wave is no exception. The quick action and control of the Wave makes it prefect for everything from chucking poppers to smallmouth, to launching sinking lines for stripers, or stalking the flats.  

Sage R8 Fly Rod

Price $1050

The Sage R8 replaced the much-loved Sage X. It is hard to believe that the R8 could improve on the X, but Sage delivered. They did this by increasing the purity of graphite in the rod for even more reactivity and sensitivity, shifting energy further down the blank and into the handle. This transfer of energy creates a more natural extension of your arm, resulting in less wasted energy and more intuitive casting.