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Lively Legz - 15 Legz Per Pack

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“How Lively Legz Came About”

“How Lively Legz Came About” - from the Lively Legz Crew

It all began in the spring of 2013. Benny, Andy, and I were out fishing on the Little Juniata River, located in Central Pennsylvania. We took a little break from fishing and decided to do some rock flipping to get a better idea of what type of nymphs were located in the steam. What we noticed were the various sizes, as well as the colors of the nymphs. They were an array of colors from black, brown, olive, golden, and even yellow. The one characteristic that stood out the most, as we observed the nymphs, was the leg structure on each nymph. Every nymph had a very noticeable, yet defined, leg structure protruding from its body. We all thought if there was only a way we could better replicate this unique characteristic, rather than tying with feathers, we may be able to improve the number of hook ups. After a year of trial and error and a lot of hard work, we came up with a product that really increased the amount of fish to the net.