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Semperfli Worm Chenille

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Semperfli Sparkle Worm Chenille is the perfect body material usable for detached bodies on mayfly, flies like worms, San Juan or wrapped around fly bodies for flies like buggers, egg sucking leech and other streamer patterns. Measuring 3mm diameter this has lovely movement in the water.

Love them or hate them Squirmy Wormies have been successful in catching fish worldwide, however they disintegrate rapidly in your fly box. Semperfli Sparkle Worm Chenille is the perfect alternative for Squirmy Wormies and will not break apart in your fly box or under ultra violet light.

This Sparkle Worm Chenille comes in 2 variants, standard and sparkle which has added uv flecks in the body, perfect for an added attraction. Gently heat the end of the Sparkle Worm Chenille to produce tapered body. At least you can tie your squirmies and open your fly box with the confidence that your flies will not have totally disintegrated since you last used them.

There are 2m / 2.1 yards (approx ) per bag of Semperfli Worm Chenille .


Jim's Fly Tying Tip

Say what you want about worm imitations.  High, dirty water means the fish will be eating worms.  I personally don't care for the "squirmy" material.  It doesn't stay in place on the hook, and degrades in my box.  This stuff moves like a squirmy but has the durability of chenille.  It's my new go-to and should be yours as well.