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Smallmouth Bass Flies Top to Bottom - Jake Villwock

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We are proud to introduce this new book from our very own Jake Villwock, who has been part of the TCO Family for over 13 years. 

Smallmouth bass swims in lakes and rivers across the United States and Canada and are a premier fly-rod game fish in almost every way—they take flies readily, feed on diverse foods for a long period of time, tolerate higher water temperatures than trout, and fight harder than any other North American freshwater fish their size. This is the first book dedicated to the best modern flies for these fish that includes both detailed step-by-step tying instructions as well as top patterns and recipes for flies that cover the complete water column, from top to bottom. With over 500 full-color step-by-step images and 300 patterns by today’s top tiers from around the country, this book is the definitive resource for smallmouth bass.

Fly Tying from a Pro Guide

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More than a How-To Manual

“As a guide I design flies to solve a problem, to trigger a fish to strike, to keep the fly where I need it for as long as I need it. With each tutorial you will learn about how and why that fly was designed. Through my observations and research, I have done the ‘homework,’ digging deeper into the why and how it relates to each species a smallmouth forages on. Clear the tying table, get the vise out, and have some fun.” — Jake Villwock, pages 2-3