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Top Tarpon Flies by Fulling Mill

Top Tarpon Flies by Fulling Mill

For many fly anglers tarpon are a bucket list species. If you’re like us, you probably have images of them going airborne seared in your brain. Seeing a fish of that size in the air is something you can’t simply get out of your head. We want catching one of these amazing fish to become a reality for you, so we’ve laid out a list of our top tarpon flies.


Millhouse Tarpon Toad

The Tarpon toad is one of the most revolutionary tarpon patterns out there. It was designed to swim like a baitfish, rather than jig up and down like most other flies used at the time. This allowed it to be fished in front of fish for longer. The Millhouse tarpon toad differs from the standard version because the tail is only Marabou.

Millhouse Tarpon Shrimp

From Signature Tier Andy Mill, this shrimp pattern is offered in both Olive and Tan. Designed through years of fishing the Florida Keys, it excels in clear water with picky fish.

Tarpon Bunny

This fly has fantastic movement underwater. Tied on the Owner Aki, if you’re lucky enough to hook a Tarpon, then this will at least hold it! A great pattern, fun to fish and effective too. As with all flies, the hook really is the most important component, especially when it comes to big saltwater species. Why compromise?

Mangum's Dragon Tail

When it comes to tarpon fishing, few know it as well as David Mangum. His Tarpon Bunny variation with a dragon tail off the rear is a must have in any tarpon angler’s fly box.


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