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Tacky Pescador Fly Box - MagPad

Original price $ 29.95 - Original price $ 45.95
Original price
$ 45.95
$ 29.95 - $ 45.95
Current price $ 45.95
Color: Smoke Grey


A waterproof closure, and our signature magpad mean you won’t have to compromise between carrying capacity and function.

While we’d all love to have a full complement of flies at our disposal at all times, carrying every pattern in the arsenal doesn’t always make sense. For those quick trips to the river after work or just a prospecting mission at your local pond, the Small Pescador MagPad offers plenty of storage. 



100% recycled plastic box



    • 100% recycled plastic box
    • Original patented silicone anchoring technology
    • Withstands extreme temperature range
    • Latchless waterproof closure
    • Durable and tested for long-lasting strength
    • Patented design