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Semperfli Guard Hair Chenille

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Guard Hair Chenille imitates animal fur with guard hairs for fishing flies. When you look at animal fur we see protruding guard hairs which are loved by fly tyers. These add body and give movement to flies. Guard Hair Chenille was designed to imitate the natural fur of animals using gold tinsel that protrudes above the chenille. Guard Hair Chenille is ideal for streamers, saltwater and predator patterns where the gold guard hairs provide movement and create stunning fly patterns. Try on buggers and humungous for larger mobile bodies.

Of course love them or hate them by using Guard Hair Chenille you can take your blob flies to the next level.

1 - As Guard Hair Chenille is built on a slightly elastic core use scissors to remove the end fibres to create a narrow tying in point.

2 - Brush Guard Hair Chenille with a toothbrush or similar soft bristle as Guard Hair Chenille is tightly crimped in manufacture and when brushed it makes the Guard Hair Chenille appear even bulkier and gives great movement

There are 2m / 2.1 yards (approx ) per card of Guard Hair Chenille