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Renzetti Tube Fly Vise

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Tube Fly Vise

The Renzetti tube Fly Vise was inspired by Irwin Swope design. Tube flies have a long and productive history in the fly fishing world. To accommodate their increasing popularity, Renzetti offers a complete Tube Fly vise. The Renzetti Tube Fly Vise comes with a set of there mandrels and handles tubes up to 4-inches long. Additional diameter mandrels are offered including a 1/8” dia. Mandrel that handles tubes up to 9” long.

The standard features of the Renzetti Tube Fly Vise are a rotary tension screw, a black powder coated pedestal base with 7” stem and or a black powder coated C-Clamp with an 8” stem. Mandrels included are 1/16" diameter, !/32" diameter and 1/8" diameter.

The Tube Fly Vise Set includes the standard 1/16". Mandrel as well as the 1/32" dial. Mandrel and 1/8" diamenter mandrel.

A Tube Fly Vise head can be used with any other vise. the vise head could be used with any Renzetti stem. For those that have a Master Series or any of the Presentation series vices please add a 7" stainless steel stem.