• Princeton Tec Remix Rechargeable

Princeton Tec Remix Rechargeable

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The Princeton Tec Remix Rechargeable Headlamp is a compact, rechargeable headlamp made in the USA. It offers the ultimate in versatility with both spot and flood lighting options. In high, the Remix Rechargeable headlamp produces 200 lumens and shines up to 295 feet (90 meters). The Remix Rechargeable comes with a lithium-ion rechargeable battery and USB charging cable, but it can also be powered by three AAA batteries for added convenience.

What’s included in the box: Remix Rechargeable headlamp, rechargeable lithium-ion battery, USB charge cord, and cloth headstrap (no top strap). AC wall adaptor not included.

Run times and beam distance for Princeton Tec Remix Rechargeable LED headlamp:
• using single white Maxbright LED
     2 hours (regulated) in high, 6 hours total time in high, shines for 90m
     3 hours (regulated) in low, 24 hours total time in low, shines for 52m
• using 3 white Ultrabright LEDs
     12 hours in high (non-regulated), shines for 37m
     36 hours in low (non-regulated), shines for 10m

Switch operation for Princeton Tec Remix Rechargeable headlamp:
• press and release the switch once to the headlamp on or off
• quickly press the switch twice to switch between the Ultrabright LEDs and Maxbright LED
• from on, press and hold the switch to activate dimming feature – release at desired brightness.
     Ultrabright LEDs start in low and scroll up in intensity
     Maxbright LED starts in high and scrolls down in intensity
• Princeton Tec Remix Rechargeable always turns on in low with the 5mm LEDs (Ultrabright LEDs)

Features of Princeton Tec Remix Rechargeable Headlamp:
• single Maxbright white LED for distance illumination plus three Ultrabright white LEDs for area illumination
• 200 lumens in high, shines up to 90 meters
• dimmable brightness
• powered by the included 3.7V 2000mAh lithium-ion rechargeable battery
• can alternatively be powered by three AAA alkaline batteries
• integrated battery indicator lights on battery pack
     three bars = 90% power
     two bars = 75% power
     one bar = 60% power
• battery indicator lights double as rear safety flasher
     to activate flasher lights – from off, press and hold the switch for 5 seconds
     repeat to deactivate safety flasher lights
• durable polymer construction
• IPX4 (equivalent) water resistant
• large push button switch located on top of headlamp
• lamp head pivots up and down
• integrated heat sink to help dissipate heat build-up
• includes Remix Rechargeable headlamp, rechargeable lithium-ion battery, USB charge cord, and cloth headstrap
• limited 1 year warranty through Princeton Tec. Rechargeable battery warrantied for 90 days.
• made in USA

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