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Kates Bars

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Before Kate Schade started her own energy bar company in 2010, she was enjoying the skier life in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Between days on the slopes and nights waiting tables, Kate was always on the move—and she needed healthy food that could keep her going. Her solution became the original Tram Bar: a pocket-sized energy bar made from the tastiest organic ingredients she could find.

Once Kate perfected her recipe, she started sharing her bars with friends in the mountain tram line. It didn’t take long before she established a loyal following; the Tram Bar was an instant favorite! After a few years of steady encouragement, Kate finally decided to take on her greatest adventure: selling her bars.

Today, the Tram Bar-along with seven more amazing flavors-goes by the name Kate’s Real Food and continues to inspire people as they pursue a healthy lifestyle. We've stayed true to our roots: making great-tasting food using wholesome, organic ingredients to fuel your next great adventure.

Clean Ingredients

At Kate’s, we believe that what you eat matters. That’s why we use only clean ingredients in all our products. From organic gluten-free oats to organic dark chocolate, we want each bite to contain the best-quality, best-tasting, healthiest foods we can get our hands on.

This means no chemicals and no artificial sweeteners. To satisfy your sweet tooth, Kate’s prefers organic fruits--like dried cherries or dried mango--and all natural honey (our sweetener-of-choice). In other words, we keep it simple: only whole foods with great texture and ingredients you recognize.

Great Taste

The only thing better than healthy food is healthy food that tastes great. When Kate isn't hitting the slopes or enjoying a challenging terrain on her dirt bike, she's in the kitchen perfecting recipes that aren't just gluten-free but also guilt-free. Each snack contains great-tasting ingredients that pack a punch of unique flavors and textures.

The original Tram bar, now known as Peanut Butter Milk Chocolate, won the hearts and palettes of ravings fans in the Rocky Mountains with its swirls of organic milk chocolate, sesame seeds, and antioxidant-rich apricots; blended with oats and sweetened with organic honey to create a sweet, salty adventure in each bite. Since then Kate has continued to awe her fans not just in the Rocky Mountains but nationwide with 7 additional recipes that are guaranteed to satisfy a variety of tastebuds.