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C&F Chest Patch

by C&F
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Color: Black

Fly patch that is easy to place on the center of the chest, such as a fishing vest or lanyard.
The micro-slit foam inside the chest patch can be used as a fly box to store unused flies, making it possible to change flies without the hassle of opening and closing the zipper.
Use flat foam outside the main body to dry used flies.
Comes with six neodymium magnets inside and one small neodymium magnet will function as fly catchers.

●The chest patch attached to the center will ease the access to your flies and improve usability, unlike conventional fly patches that are attached to the left ior right sides of the vest.
●Hold wet flies on the 6 magnets. The sufficient height of the magnet surface prevents deform of flies.
●Large side gates on the both sides and micro-slit foam allow you to dry the fly without losing its form.
●Size: W 123 × H 65 mm (4.8 X 2.5inch)