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Bauer RVR Fly Reel 2/3

by Bauer
Original price $ 315.00 - Original price $ 695.00
Original price $ 695.00
$ 695.00
$ 315.00 - $ 695.00
Current price $ 695.00
Color: Black / Gold Anodize

RVR 2/3

Small streams and spring creeks are the ideal waters for 2 and 3wt fishing. You’re not likely to ever need 70 yards of backing here, or a drag capable of stopping a steelhead. What you will need is a lightweight reel designed with the smaller capacity and perfect drag for those very special angling situations.

We have been in development on the RVR reels for more than two years. We started with a groundbreaking and beautifully modern design and quickly found out how challenging it is to machine a reel this complex. No one had ever seen anything like it. The complexity and double anodized design of the RVR would prove too difficult to achieve on a conventional 3-Axis machine, so we sought out the newest 5-Axis machines available. The result speaks for itself.