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Chocklett Factory Mini Finesse Changer

Original price $ 11.50 - Original price $ 12.25
Original price $ 11.50
$ 11.50
$ 11.50 - $ 12.25
Current price $ 11.50
Color: White


Just a smaller version of the Finesse Changer. These flies have the realistic action of its big-brother, but the fly is sized down for low, clear water, pressured fish and for smaller species. 

Years ago, a TV commercial aired advertising a soft plastic called the Banjo Minnow. If you fished one, you certainly remember the way they moved in the water. These flies have a similar motion but for fly fishing! 

From Blane Chocklett: "The Finesse Game Changers are a series of flies that work when fish are at their most difficult. Whether it is low and clear water, heavily pressured fish or just difficult species by nature. These flies are tied and designed to match the hatch, and look just like the forage species the predator fish you are targeting on a regular basis. The realisim and attention to detail is unmatched with these flies and that makes them a Game Changer when targeting the most scrutinizing of fish species. These flies are my go-to choice when I know I need to bring my A game. I think these will be yours as well, super realistic and they swim like the real thing!"


Total Length: 2.75

Ahrex SA280 hook 

6 Shanks in Total