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Chocklett Factory Hybrid Game Changer

Original price $ 21.75 - Original price $ 21.75
Original price $ 21.75
$ 21.75
$ 21.75 - $ 21.75
Current price $ 21.75
Color: White


What do I do with all of this Hen Saddle now? I barely even fish Feather Game Changers anymore.

I thought I had it all figured out. "Dialed in," as some would say. I spent hours picking through Hen Saddles and twisting feather stems around hooks and shanks. Now it is too late. Fly fishing and fly tying has, yet again, taken a step forward without me. 

Do not bother trying to tie a fly that will swim and perform like these. It is not worth your time. Just buy 'em, and fish 'em. The rear hook has saved a couple large smallmouth for me, too.

From Blane Chocklett: "The Hybrid Game Changer is my go-to larger style Swim fly for big predatory fish. The combination of fibers that makes this fly easy to cast in very large sizes has brought many of my fish to hand! The The combination of swimming action castability and fish attracting and triggering qualities makes the Hybrid Game Changer a must in any serious Big Game Fly Anglers arsenal. A true swimbait style fly that looks and acts like the real thing. When you need a large profile combined with realism by the most demanding of fish species. The Hybrid Gamechanger is the fly, I guarantee you won't be disappointed."


Total Length: 5 inches

Ahrex SA270 Hook

5 Shanks