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Yellow Breeches Overview

The Yellow Breeches is an excellent fishery; world renown and with rich with fly fishing history. The Breeches offers over 30 miles of open water, with a good mix of wild and stocked trout and plenty of fishing access. It's also surrounded by additional fly fishing options including multiple smallmouth fisheries, spring creeks and mountain streams so there is never a shortage of water to explore!

The Yellow Breeches provides many opportunities for the fly fisherman. The breeches is heavily stocked with browns, rainbows and brook trout that become very selective. The breeches also has a very nice population of wild trout as well. Most anglers fish within the 1-mile "catch and release" stretch of the Allenberry Resort. Good fishing can be had for holdover and wild trout on the many, many miles of open regulated water. The Yellow Breeches has a wide diversity of hatching insects. Hendrickson and BWO’s are the early season openers. Little black stoneflies will be hatching as well. The Grannons appear in April and a must fish hatch. Of all the insects, the "Breeches" heaviest hatches are the black caddis, sulphurs and tricos. The most famous is the White Fly Hatch. Summer will also boast a brown drake hatch during the evening. One can not leave out the fantastic midge fishing. To round out the fishing, the Breeches is also well known for its terrestrial fishing.

(Text courtesy of Mike Heck)

Yellow Breeches Creek is one of the famous limestone trout streams of the Cumberland Valley in south-central Pennsylvania. Winding its way through a mixture of woodlots, farmlands and old residential or summer cottage areas for some 40 miles, its brushy, narrow upper reaches near Huntsdale rapidly gain volume from many limestone spring and freestone tributaries. Below the village of Boiling Springs the Breeches becomes a medium to large sized stream coursing eastward, eventually joining the Susquehanna River at New Cumberland.

A low gradient stream of gentle riffles and long flat pools, good water quality and varied habitat enables the Breeches to host a broad spectrum of hatches over virtually a year round season. Notable hatches include early black stoneflies, Hendricksons, Grannom and other caddis, sulphurs, Grey fox, assorted blue winged olives and of course, the White Fly, in August. Other mayflies from tricos to Hexagenia create fishing opportunities in addition to excellent midge and terrestrial action.

Heavily stocked almost year round throughout its length, there is an extremely popular "catch and release" fishery on the Breeches between Boiling Springs and Allenberry Resort. Fishing is very good up and downstream from this area too, some stretches holding fair to excellent populations of wild brown trout.

(Text courtesy of Tom Baltz - Please call the shop to book a guided trip with Tom to learn more about the Yellow Breeches)