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Saturday Seminars

Saturday Seminars @ TCO Fly Shop. These seminars will consist of about an hour of informal discussion and overview covering many different aspects of fly fishing. Be sure to stop in and spend your Saturday mornings or afternoons with us!
*These seminars are FREE!! Just show up and learn with the crew at TCO! 


TCO Reading - 2229 Penn Ave. West Lawn, PA 19609 (610) 678.1899 xt 1  click for directions
January 6th Insulation and Proper Layering 10am - 11am Nate Roberts - A Four Season look at what you should be wearing on the water
January 13th Fly Fishing the Upper Delaware 10am - 11am Wiley Paul - A brief look into tactics, flies, and knowledge of all things upper Delaware
January 20th Chocklett's Game Changer: Theory and Variations 10am - 11am Brendan Ruch - A tying demonstration and overview of the popular Game Changer fly designed by Blane Chocklett.
February 3rd Repairing Waders 10am - 11am Ben John - The proper way to repair your waders.
February 10th TIght Line Nymphing: Rods, Leader Formulas, and Flies 10am - 11am Brendan Ruch - An introduction into the gear, flies, and techniques that are necessary for tight line nymphing
February 17th Traveling & Fishing in Cuba 10am - 11am Tony Gehman - will discuss his last 3 years of fishing in Cuba and how you can join him on the next adventure
February 24th Everything Caddis 10am - 11am Ben John - how to fish the Tully caddis hatch
TCO Bryn Mawr - 895 Penn Street Bryn Mawr, PA 19010 (610) 527.3388 xt 2 click for directions
January 6th Introduction to European/Tightline Nymphing Techniques 10am - 11am Lenny Gliwa - A brief overview and introduction to popular European and Tightline Nymphing Techniques and Equipment
January 13th Cold Weather Layering 101 10am - 11am John Parisi - Discussion on proper layering, differences in insulation types, and important accessories to help stay warm during the Winter months
January 20th Streamer Techniques and Tactics 10am - 11am Lenny Gliwa - Rods, Lines, Flies, Equipment, etc. for both the Wading and Floating Angler
February 3rd Spring Creek Fundamentals 10am - 11am John Parisi - Important techniques and equipment for the spring creek angler. Flies, presentation, rigging, etc. (Dry dropper vs. Indicators, etc)
February 10th Big Water Nymphing 10am - 11am Lenny Gliwa - Covering the main techniques for fishing larger water. Discuss differences/similarities between small and large trout streams. Best way to approach, rig, and fish a variety of different situations
February 17th Learn How to Take Better Fish Photos 10am - 11am John Parisi - Discussion on proper handling techniques for landing and photographing fish. Tips for better, cleaner images. (Light, angles, where to focus, etc)
February 24th Eastern Hatches Made Easy 10am - 11am Lenny Gliwa - Breakdown of important hatches for the PA fly angler. Cover species hatch timelines and importance, bug behavior, and valuable resources (books, hatch charts, etc)
TCO State College - 2030 East College Ave. State College, PA 16801 (814) 689.3654 xt 3 click for directions
January 6th Knots 101 11am - 12pm George Costa - Go over the basic and not so basic knots used in everyday fishing applications
January 13th Central PA Nymphing strategies 11am - 12pm Sam Galt - Nymph choices, strategies and setup for our local streams
January 20th Off the Grid 11am - 12pm Shane Adams - Strategies for finding and exploring new waters on the map
February 3rd Streamside Photography 11am - 12pm Austin Dando - The basics of the DSLR and taking good streamside photos
February 10th Leader and Tippet Selection 11am - 12pm George Costa - Selecting the correct leader and tippet for different fishing situations
February 17th Spring Steelhead 11am - 12pm Steve Antanasio - The in's and out's of targeting late winter and early spring steelhead as they drop back to the lakes
February 24th Hauling your Line 11am - 12pm George Costa - Learning to single and double haul your line, Outside lesson so weather permitting,
TCO Boiling Springs - 2 East First Street Boiling Springs, PA 17007 xt 5 click for directions
January 6th The Fly 1pm - 2pm Alex Kolivras - Organizing boxes by Dry flies, Nymphs, Streamers and other ways to manage flies. Discussing different types of boxes.
January 13th A Bugs Life 1pm - 2pm Dusty Wissmath - Discussing the life cycle of bugs on the Yellow Breeches
January 20th A River Runs Through It 1pm - 2pm Discussion of the Yellow Breeches - History, Allenberry, Sections, Stocking
February 3rd Back To School 1pm - 2pm Jake Villwock - Discussion on types of lines, floating, intermediate, sink tip, weights, brands, etc.
February 10th Dazed and Confused 1pm - 2pm Alex Kolivras - Proper handling techniques when catching, photographing, releasing fish.
February 17th Rick Kustich Book Signing & Fly Tying Event 9am - 4pm Private fly tying event & public presentation.
February 24th Finding Nemo 1pm - 2pm Native Brook Trout streams of Central PA