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Meet The Staff: Wiley Paul

TCO Reading: Wiley Paul

When did you start working at TCO?

I started working at TCO in 2017. 

What is your favorite place you have fly fished? (Near or Far)

I like different places to fish for different reasons but I am always looking for one thing... solitude!!


What music is being played on your way to the stream? 

My music selection changes depending on what I'm fishing for. Musky or Smallmouth fishing I'll be listening to  Queens of the Stone Age or maybe Tool. Trout fishing it could be Jerry Jeff Walker or maybe some classic rock.

Besides fly fishing, what other outdoor activities do you enjoy?

Hiking, hunting (especially for turkey) and mowing the yard with a cold one!

Sam's Bio

I was very fortunate to grow up in a family of fly fishers. My great grandfather taught my grandfather who taught my Dad who then passed his knowledge onto me. Fly fishing really took a strangle hold on me when i moved out west to Colorado and stumbled into guiding which some how turned into a career. Fishing has taken me to some amazing place but I love PA. So many fishing options and not enough time.