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Meet The Staff: Tony Gehman

Tony Gehman - President

When did you start working at TCO?

I started in December of 1990.  I was 20 years old... loved fly fishing but hated the idea of sitting in another college class.  I knew that if I took the chance to start my own business doing what I love, it would succeed.  I honestly had no idea it would have grown this much when I started... but it has been an amazing ride.

What is your favorite place you have fly fished? (Near or Far)

Cuba is my all time favorite!  The fishing is spectacular... but the scenery the people and the towns are the real gem!  To me it's not just the fishing... but the entire package.  Cuba has that for me.

What music is being played on your way to the stream? 

The Grateful Dead is always a staple to my tunes... as that band has helped shaped my life!  The lessons learned from traveling around the country, sharing experiences with people that are like minded and enjoying amazing music is the key to happiness!  I am so grateful to have been able to experience this from 1984 to 1994. That being said, I also love Ska music like the Specials, English Beat, The Slickers...etc.  as well as the Clash, Wilco, Son Volt.  Good music is something that means a lot to me.

Besides fly fishing, what other outdoor activities do you enjoy?

I hike everyday with my black lab, Grace.  She loves exploring the woods and trails and keeps me moving.  I also spend a good amount of time on the golf course.  I love the challenge of "you against the course".. its very cerebral and great exercise as I prefer to walk.