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Meet The Staff: Matt Brindle

TCO Boiling Springs: Matt Brindle

When did you start working at TCO?

Carlisle Shop - 2008-2009 - Boiling Springs - 2016.


What is your favorite place you have fly fished? (Near or Far)

Our local CV streams are near & dear to my heart.  I have had a few truly spectacular days on Elk & Walnut Creeks in Erie.  My absolute favorite, though, is a tiny brookie-laden freestoner less than a mile from where I grew up.

What music is being played on your way to the stream? 

Any classic rock.

Besides fly fishing, what other outdoor activities do you enjoy?

Running, backpacking, hiking, Skiing, motorcycling.

Matt's Bio

I grew up in western PA, fishing and backpacking in the Laurel Highlands.  I love fly fishing, backpacking, skiing, and motorcycling because each of these sports is cerebral; there is always something to be learned. Whether it be how to perfectly place a drag-free drift across a ribbon of seams on the LeTort or how to safely and judiciously reduce my pack weight, I enjoy activities that require thoughtful action.  When not at home with my wife and three kids, I can be found at TCO, on one of the many nearby streams, or on the trail.