Meet The Staff: Grant Bridges

TCO Reading: Grant Bridges

When did you start working at TCO?

July 15, 2020

What is your favorite place you have fly fished? (Near or Far)

Gunpowder, Maryland

What music is being played on your way to the stream? 

Blaze Foley or MF DOOM

Besides fly fishing, what other outdoor activities do you enjoy?

Rock Climbing and checking out new water

Grant's Bio

Grew up fishing conventional tackle with my pops chasing smallmouth/largemouth on the Gunpowder River and Bush River in Maryland. 6 years ago, during a trip Breckenridge, CO I spent a day hiking and made my way over to a certain Alpine Lake, that will remain nameless, where I was introduced to fly fishing and caught my first Colorado Cutthroat trout. Now all I want to do is slap gills, tie flies and drink some brews with my shop dudes and learn as much as I can on the way. 





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