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Letort Spring Run Overview

LeTort Spring Run is one of the finest limestone trout streams in the nation, known for large wild browns that are particularly wily. This iconic stream was also the first stream featured on the companion TV series to the book Fifty Places to Fly Fish Before You Die.

Out of all our South-Central PA streams, the Letort is by far the most famous. This is where terrestrial fishing began. The brown trout of the Letort are extremely skittish. Patience, the ability to sneak about and the proper fly presentation are all needed to be successful on the Letort. Brown trout populations continue to go up and down but still trout over 20" are present. Midges hatch year round. Blue Winged Olives, black stoneflies, sulphurs and tricos hatch during their given times. Terrestrial fishing becomes the norm over the summer months and good streamer techniques are a must for this legendary limestone creek