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I love fly fishing, the variety of fish I can target, the people I meet and the beautiful waters it leads me to.

My passion is sharing this exciting sport with others through education/instruction, speaking engagements and guiding.  The creation of my own fly fishing education/instruction and guide business has long been a dream of mine.  Until recently, I’ve been adverse to the risks of leaving a steady paycheck and immersing myself into the “feast or famine” mentality of owning a business.  Recent life events and several new friendships have reinforced the importance of following life passions.

The business name, “Livin On the Fly”, is the result of this exciting and spontaneous decision to leave my comfort zone and follow my passion..   Livin On The Fly is an opportunity to share what I have learned over the last 30+ years in this sport and the multitude of life experiences fly fishing has in store for you!

From guided trips to specialized lessons-my goal is to provide you with a quality fly fishing experience tailored to your interests. The information/teachings I will  share with you comes from a  culmination of 30+ years of fly fishing experience and 15+ years of extensive travel.

The more I fish, the more I realize there is always something new to learn. This mindset has kept me hungry for knowledge and is the reason I seek to continue to travel and learn from industry leaders each year. Every new experience for me means a new fly fishing lesson for both myself and clients. I am excited to work in cooperation with the TCO FLY SHOP to provide you with this experience. - George Daniel

George Daniel began fly fishing at the age of 6 in Potter County, PA, a remote region filled with wilderness and beautiful brook trout. By age 14, George’s family relocated to PA’s limestone region, which contained the state’s best trout fisheries. By the age of 17, George was travelling throughout the state, seeking lessons from expert anglers. By age 21, George had learned from the best anglers in the NE, including his mentor Joe Humphreys. Out of curiosity and with the support of his wife, George began entering local and national fly-fishing competitions.
He earned a spot on Fly Fishing Team USA and remained on the team for 7 seasons. Also during that time, George was on the US Youth Fly Fishing Team’s coaching staff, including two years as head coach. George’s real motivation to compete was to travel the world and learn from world-renowned anglers to develop a global approach. 
In that brief period, George had success by winning back-to-back US National Championships and placing in the top 5 in the 2006 World Fly Fishing Championships. Eventually, competitive fly-fishing took its toll, so George retired at age 32 to spend more time travelling with his family and to focus on fly fishing education. 
George is a former manager of the TCO State College Fly Shop and now works exclusively with TCO Fly Shop with Livin On The Fly LLC. George currently assists with the US Youth Fly Fishing Team as well as writing and conducting fly fishing clinics/presentations across the country. His first book, Dynamic Nymphing has become a best seller. Currently, George is working on a second book project, which will be released September, 2015. George lives along the banks of his favorite trout stream with his wife, Amidea and their two children.

Amidea Daniel’s passion in life is outdoor education. She has traveled and fished with George all over the country and has been influenced by many of the same fly fishing personalities as her husband. Amidea has many outdoor pursuits including painting, photography and of course fly fishing. Her latest outdoor pursuit will be introducing her daughter, Evangeline and her son, Logan to the wonders of the outdoor world. Amidea’s enthusiasm and passion for fly fishing and its resources are unparalleled and her fever is contagious for anyone spending the day with her.

Andy Wagner's love for this sportstarted over 20 years ago while catching smallmouth bass on the Juniata River with my dad. Since then, fishing, especially fly fishing, has been the center of my life. After guiding for numerous seasons, I made the long time dream come true by opening PA UnderCurrent Outfitters. During the past decade I have logged well over a hundred days a year on the water from Central PA to Southwest Montana. I was born and raised and now reside in a village conveniently located between the smallies of the Juniata River and the Brown Trout of Penns Creek. With UnderCurrent Outfitters, I hope to bring a fresh perspective to the guiding business here in PA. My guides and I are fisherman first and guides second. We've gained our knowledge of the rivers and streams we guide through hard work and experience.

George Costa grew up on the south shore of Long Island and has spent his whole life as an avid fisherman. His father was a waterman when George was young and instilled the urge to fish and respect nature from an early age. George moved to Philadelphia in his early twenties and worked in the service industry managing and bartending where he developed a passion for hospitality and service. It's been George's life long goal to work in the fly fishing industry and his recent move to the State College area and full time position at TCO has offered him the opportunity to educate and pass along his passion for the sport of fly fishing.
Rates: Half Day (1 or 2 anglers)  $325
Full Day (1 or 2 anglers)   $400
Private Water: additional  $100. Availability of private water is limited so book early.

Note: No 3rd angler. This is based on providing the client with the best possible experience, so we maintain a 2:1 (client to guide) ratio. *Full day trips are 8 hours and includes lunch and all terminal equipment (i.e. leaders, tippets, and flies)
*Half day trips are 4 hours and includes snacks/beverages along with all terminal equipment (i.e. leaders, tippets, and flies)
*Wading equipment can be rented through TCO Fly Shops Rental Program
Payment & Cancellation Policies:

*Upon booking a trip, a 50% non-refundable deposit must be made to TCO Fly Shop in order to secure the date of your trip. The balance is expected 5 days prior to your trip.

*Any cancellation made within 14 days of the trip will not receive a refund of the 50% deposit.

Streams & Trip Descriptions
we offer both half day and full day walk and wade trips on Penns Creek, Spring Creek, Little Juniata, Big Fishing Creek and countless other streams that run through central PA.
Penns Creek
Penns Creek is a larger stream with limestone & freestone influences. Penns is best known for the incredible Eastern Green Drake hatch, however it has many diverse & exciting hatches. Penns Creek has many miles of beautiful catch-and-release wild trout water with easy access & perfect for fly fishing.
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Spring Creek
Spring Creek is a wonderful limestone stream located in central PA, near State College. Spring Creek is a Class A wild trout stream with excellent hatches of Sulphurs, Caddis, BWOs & Tricos. Easy access to miles of 'no-kill' wild trout water makes Spring Creek one of the most popular streams in PA.
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Fishing Creek
Fishing Creek in Clinton County, PA is an excellent limestone stream with freestone features. Fishing Creek has dense, diverse hatches and is loaded with wild brook & brown trout, along with an occasional rainbow. There's over 5 miles of regulated water with another 15 miles that sees far less pressure.
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Little Juniata
The Little Juniata River (Little J) is simply one of the best rivers in PA and ranks among the best in country. The Little J is a larger river by eastern standards with great character and impressive hatches. The Little Juniata offers excellent fly fishing opportunities for big fish in a spectacular setting.
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