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Gear Review - Skitter Critter

Product: Skitter Critter
Manufacture: Inspired Apothecary
Retail Price: $10
Size: 2 oz pump spray

Product Description:
Skitter Critter is an all natural anti-bug spray.  Safely and effectively repel bugs with this natural Bug-Busting blend of essential oils.  Works on dogs.


Review: Cuba, June 1st - 10th 2018 - Tony Gehman 

I have used this product fairly regularly around PA while fishing and golfing with great success... BUT the real test came when I took this with me to the tropics.  I am lucky enough to spend 3-5 weeks per year in the Caribbean.  This week I was in Cuba with a great group of clients.  We spent 6 days on the island of Cayo Largo, which is located about 115 miles south east of Havana.  This tropic island is home to some of the best Bonefish, Permit and Tarpon fishing anywhere on the planet...  but it's also covered with Mosquitoes and no-see-ums!  The week we were there was like no other week I have spent in the tropics.  The wind was almost non-existent!  Most days were so flat calm that you could hear the Mosquitoes coming for you.  This would prove to be the best test of any bug repellent.  I doused myself with Skitter Critter before leaving the dock and about every hour while on the water.  The other clients had the "normal" DEET containing brands with them.  They seemed to work okay... but the harmful effects of DEET aren’t worth spreading that all over my body.  The Skitter Critter repelled just as many bugs as the others... and in some cases, even more!  I also enjoy the smell of the essential oils that make up this great bug repellent.  Most notable to me is the Tea Tree Oil.  Anyway, I can honestly say that by using this spray you will help to keep unwanted bugs off you while not harming the environment or your skin.