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We offer both full and half day floats for Trout & Smallmouth Bass. Our home waters consist of some of the best smallmouth fishing in the East from the Susquehanna to the Schuylkill River.  For Trout we float on the Lehigh River or Tulpehocken depending on water flows.  With our full day floats we supply all the lunches, drinks, flies, leaders, tippet, and if needed, rods and reels. The full day floats are normally 8-10 hours long and will cover over 5 miles of river. The Half day floats are between 4-6 hours and included everything except for lunch. Floating the rivers of PA is a great way to relax and take in scenery that is often times overlooked. 

Looking for something different?  Inquire about our overnight 2 day float or 3 day float!  We have both private and public island access along the Juniata, Susquehanna, and the Schuylkill rivers. Becoming known as the "Huck Fin Edition" of smallmouth fishing, our overnight camping floats have become a staple for our trip offerings. While on one of these trips, we will supply all fishing tackle, food, shelter and furniture for a relaxing and stress free float trip. We offer both 2 and 3 day trips, both are a great way to get out, enjoy the outdoors and forget about everything else.

Contact Jake to book your float trip: Email: Click to Email Jake | Call: 410-490-3427 

The Lehigh River


The Lehigh River flows for over 100 miles through Pennsylvania and serves as the largest tributary to the Delaware River. Trout fishing on the Lehigh River consists of a 35 mile stretch below the Francis E. Walter Dam from Whitehaven to Walnutport.

The river contains a robust population of wild browns and rainbows, that is augmented by a number of private organizations that stock the river, most notably the Lehigh River Stocking Association. In addition to trout, the Lehigh River also contains a healthy population of smallmouth bass. 

The Lehigh supports an impressive variety of mayflies, caddisflies, and stoneflies.  Little Black Stoneflies begin in early-April and can hatch in tremendous numbers. The end of April will see Little Black Caddis, Grannoms, and Hendricksons, along with a number of Caddis species.  May and June are "Prime Time" on the Lehigh and the March Brown, Grey Fox, Sulphur and Caddis hatches can be phenomenal. Hatches of Blue Wing Olives, Light Cahills, and Isonychias emerge in June.

As summer begins, Caddis still hatch in good numbers along with small Blue Wing Olives, Isonychias, and summer Stenonemas (Sulphurs). Mornings can produce good hatches of Tricos in the Lehighton to Bowmanstown stretch.
Come fall, Isonychias and evening hatches of Sulphurs can be outstanding. Caddis and Blue Wing Olives will be the flies the fish will key on as late fall approaches. Fishing with streamers and Wooly Buggers can be quite productive during this time of year as well. In fact, Wooly Buggers and streamers fished with a sinking line will produce fish all year long.

Drift boat fishing is unfamiliar territory for many East Coast anglers but it is the number one method of fishing the Lehigh River which acts more like a Western river than anything else here in the East. This river really is one of the best kept secrets of Eastern trout fishing. Fishing is  very productive through June as the weather holds and presents daily Sulphur, BWO, and caddis hatches. Drift boat fishing also allows anglers to fish heavy nymph and streamer patterns in whitewater situations that would be too dangerous to wade fish. Hooking a fish of any respectable size in heavy water is usually a memorable fight. A drift boat trip with us is also an excellent way to introduce yourself to this kind of fishing especially if you’re planning to drift out West or wherever else your fly fishing travels may take you.

Most fishing is done with rods of 9′ or longer, in line weights from 5wt to 7wt. Floating lines are most useful for all around fishing while some prefer sink tip lines for wet fly and streamer fishing. Leaders can range in length from 7′ to 10′ in sizes from 2X to 6X depending on the type of fishing that you’ll be doing on any given day. A good reel with a smooth disc drag and 100yds of backing can be important if you hook into a Lehigh Lunker. An assortment of strike indicators and split-shot help to get your offerings in the strike zone and keep them there longer and floatant is often necessary to keep your flies aloft in the faster water. An assortment of attractor and general use flies such as Copper Johns, Wooly Buggers, Pheasant Tails, Royal Wullfs, CDC Caddis, Stimulators, Parachute Adams, etc. will work most of the time with a decent presentation but sometimes a more hatch specific pattern is necessary for consistent action.


  • Full Day Float (8-10 hours): 475$ (includes full shore lunch, drinks, and snacks)
  • Power Hour Float (5-7 hours): 375$ (includes drinks and snacks)


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