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2022 TCO's Belize Trip

Belize Trip

Join TCO on our hosted trip to the heart of Permit Alley!

Dates: November 5-12, 2022 (great tides/full moon on the 8th)

Location: Blue Horizon Lodge, Northeast Cay – South Central Belize

Price: 7 nights / 6 Days Fishing - $4765 (Includes air transfer from Belize City to Placencia)

  • Double Occupancy/Two Anglers per Boat
  • Hosted by George Costa of TCO State College – Reach out to him for more info and to book your trip!

Contact / Sign Up: – (814) 689-3654 x 4

World Class Fly Fishing for Permit

Situated on a 7-acre island, locally known as Northeast Caye, our waterfront lodge is perfectly located in the heart of “Permit Alley”, the most productive permit flats in Belize. We cater to dedicated and beginner anglers alike, and we pride ourselves on the complete satisfaction of all our guests. Blue Horizon Lodge, an Orvis Endorsed Fly-Fishing Lodge, has raised the bar for customer service while maintaining the relaxed ‘island’ attitude. It’s the perfect combination of focused fishing without all the pressure. Your job is to simply relax, go fishing, enjoy some great food, drink, and companionship… then repeat!

From our oasis, you won’t experience long boat rides to get to the best flats. Our professional team of guides will have you casting to permit (or bonefish or tarpon) within minutes of leaving the lodge. Our proximity to the flats allows you to maximize your time on the water during the most productive moments of each tide cycle. We will have you fishing the tides, not the clock. The entire fishing program is determined by the tide cycle, not the time of the day or when a meal is served.

While most anglers who stay at Blue Horizon Lodge are focused on fishing for permit, there is an abundant population of tarpon nearby. And don’t forget about bonefish! Bonefish can be targeted and caught any day of the year, making our fishery the best place to target a Grand Slam in Belize.


Fishing Overview

The South Water Caye Marine Reserve, locally known as Permit Alley, is home to prime pancake flats and many schools of permit, bonefish, and cruising tarpon. The nearby Meso-American Reef is home to many permit and tarpon, as well as jacks, snapper, barracudas, and some other species. Tarpon are present year round and found on nearby cayes, channels, and in the large Placencia lagoon, which is also home to healthy populations of snook. From late April through the month of August, anglers can cast their flies at the larger migratory tarpon. These fish can reach to 150+ pounds.


Besides the vast experience of our talented guide staff, the next best reason to come fishing with Blue Horizon Lodge is the proximity to the most productive permit flats in Belize. It is very common to travel less than 10 minutes from the lodge and be casting to tailing permit. Occasionally, our guides will make longer runs, but only if they are 100% confident they will find un-pressured fishing. From the mainland, you should expect to have 30-45 minute boat rides before and after fishing. From the lodge, you will hardly have to travel at all.

Accommodations above the Others 

The intimate Blue Horizon Lodge is ideal for all vacationing anglers. Blue Horizon Lodge officially re-opened in 2020. The new lodge features many of the original buildings with a fresh redesign that incorporates the modern comforts this generation of traveling anglers has come enjoy and expect. The goal of the redesign was to create an atmosphere that honors the heritage of Lincoln Westby’s original lodge, while rejuvenating it with contemporary luxury elements. During reconstruction, much of the old lodge and guest cabins were salvaged and have been incorporated into new furniture, accents elements, and decor of the lodge and guest rooms. For those anglers who visited Blue Horizon Lodge in the 1990’s, there is no doubt you’ll recognize the remnants of the old lodge and you will certainly savor the updated and greatly improved accommodations.



The main lodge integrates an open air design, so that you may fully appreciate the beauty of the marina environment setting. Our unique shutter system allows us to have the lodge fully open to the natural world, or to quickly close-up the shutters to protect interior when inclement weather threatens.

The five guests cabanas, for a maximum capacity for 10 anglers, have been completely refurbished and deliver a surprising level of sophistication for such a remote location. Each room is furnished with two full size beds and a private bathroom, complete with on demand hot water showers. Air conditioning is standard in all of the rooms, giving our guests the option of enjoying the ocean breeze or a controlled climate. Rod racks, shelving, and hangers will help you organize your gear during your stay.

Two of the five guest rooms are stand-alone units, and offer the most privacy. The other three units are contained under one roof, in the new from the ground up, triplex. This unit is perfect for parties of six. The large shared deck makes a convenient gathering space for relaxing and sharing the day’s stories. But don’t worry, we’ve insulated the walls so you won’t hear the neighbor snoring in the night (unless you’re sharing the room… pick your bunk mates wisely). 


The island has wireless internet access covering the majority of the property. Your room and the main lodge are 100% covered. Cellular service is limited, but available to most US carriers. We have installed a next generation internet system that allows for accessing the internet at fiberoptic speeds. WiFi calling, emails, internet browsing, text messaging, social media, and even high speed streaming of live TV and movies is not just possible, but standard. We expect you to be pleasantly surprised by the speed and consistency you’ll be able to access the internet.

Room Amenities

  • Two Full-Size Beds
  • Private Bathroom
  • Air Conditioning
  • Internet
  • Fly Rod Racks, Shelving, & Hangers
  • Balcony
  • Towels
  • Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Wash
  • Drinking Water

 Contact / Sign Up: – (814) 689-3654 x 4