Waterworks-Lamson is not a typical fly fishing company. We are C1 Design Group, and our core expertise is in product design. We innovate, invent, design and engineer.

The Waterworks becomes Waterworks-Lamson 

Late in 1998, C1 Design acquired Lamson from Sage Manufacturing. Lamson reels had established a well-deserved reputation in the 1980’s and 90’s for being the first fully machined quality reel at an affordable price. The “LP” design became the standard of its time and sold for a very reasonable price of $200. With the acquisition of the Lamson trademark, we were ready to bring our own line of Lamson reels to market, beginning with the first Litespeed, a reel that has continued to evolve and dominate. 

The dictum Evolve or Perish is our condition. The work challenges us every day to choose between grazing and prowling, between ambling and charging. It’s a unique opportunity, to select one’s position in the food chain. Guiding and shaping change is what we undertook, and it is our passion.  Passion is a fuel, the force that propels an idea from mentality into metal alloy. It’s what draws you onto the water, looking for a fish. Passion is a claim rendered by deeds into accomplishment, to new experiences, toward the next great day. 

The revolution never stops. Waterworks-Lamson continues to evolve their innovative products, introducing mutations and adaptations that ensure more than survival; they dominate.

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