We are now fully stocked on our TCO Logo Gear!  There is something here for everyone.  Whether your floating your favorite river or wading the flats, the new TCO/Simms Solarflex Series shirts will be sure to have your back!  We have also added a few new designs to our lineup of Bella/Canvas brand "super soft" T-Shirts.  One of our teams favorites this year is the collaboration design with our buddy, Derek DeYoung.  We have incorporated his vision of a "Rising Brown Trout" resulting in an abstract approach to our classic logo.
Another new addition this year are insulated 16 cups from DrinkTanks.  These tested as one of the top insulated drinking vessels we have found... and they are totally dishwasher safe!  (that is not the case for most insulated cups).  These pint cups are just in time for the Summer beer season!

Thanks again for supporting what we do... and sharing in the love of the sport.  Without you this dream would never happen!


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