Semper fidelis (Latin pronunciation: [ˈsɛm.pɛr fɪˈdeː.lɪs]) is a Latin phrase that means "always faithful" or "always loyal". It is the motto of the United States Marine Corps usually shortened to Semper fi. It is also in use as a motto for towns, families, schools, and military units. When developing the materials we were developing specifically for fly tying and fly tyers. Hence the company name becoming Semperfli “always faithful, always Fli”

We at Semperfli are very proud of our materials; indeed it is our goal is to design the finest fly tying materials possible. We want to offer tyers a brand that umbrellas innovation, design, attention to detail and development.

Our materials are available via the world’s very best specialist fly tying retailers and distributors each selected for their expertise and dedication to fly tying. In working closely with these partners, it is clear they are in front for a reason, driving fly tying forward in their territory. We are thrilled to be working with such dedicated partners.

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