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Sage Spey II Fly Reel 6/7/8

by Sage
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Original price $ 550.00
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Color: Black


Our new SPEY Reels are the result of 40 years of designing, fishing, and tinkering combined with our enduring passions of Spey fishing for anadromous species. During that period, we’ve watched - and in many cases driven - innovation in the Spey world in real time: material advancements, rod and line development, evolutions in fishing and casting techniques, and the discovery of new swung fly fisheries. As a result of all those years of experience and collective understanding, we’ve determined the very specific demands that modern Spey anglers place on their reels. We’ve taken this information and applied it to the new SPEY Reels .
Internally, SPEY Reels utilize a redesigned, sealed, carbon fiber disc and dual-clicker drag system that ensures dependability, eliminates unwarranted spool rotation, and offers exceptional resonance. Mass and balance were given equally-high attention in our design process as we updated model sizing to better align with matching Spey rods and we adjusted the location of the reel foot to provide uniform axial balance with the rod . A full-frame design eliminates the possibility of shooting lines slipping between spool and frame while the addition of a machined radius around the reel foot for comfortable wrapping of leader, tip, or tippet . Completing the package is a classic and elegant aesthetic of porting and laser engraving that Spey anglers can acknowledge and appreciate.

DRAG SYSTEM - Newly Formulated O-Ring Seals / Custom Dual Clicker

SPEY Reels are built on the foundation of our longstanding Sealed Carbon System (SCS) Drag and improved upon with two key evolutions: newly formulated O-ring seals, and custom dual-clickers. The drag systems are sealed by our new and proprietary O-rings, which are designed to withstand greater amounts of compression. This ensures a stronger seal while at the same time resisting wear and fatigue. We also redesigned the clicker system, adding a second clicker. In addition to increased amplification and improved durability, the dual-clicker design also limits free spool rotation, so fishing distance isn’t inadvertently decreased while fishing. The SPEY Reels’ One-Revolution Drag Knob has twenty, numbered drag settings with half-detents, allowing for precise, consistent, and replicable drag settings that can be returned to over and over again.

FRAME SYSTEM - Fine-Tuned Balance / Consistent Line Management

The frame and spool designs of the SPEY Reels focus on the Spey system’s balance as a whole and also the unique lines and riggings used in two-handed casting and fishing. The location and amount of the reels’ portings (or lack thereof) are strategic, resulting in an overall weight that is appropriate for longer Spey rods. Additionally, we adjusted the location of the reel foot from an exact-center position to better align with the center-of-mass of the reels themselves. In the machining of the reel foot, we included radiused edges; this prevents any kinking, memory, or compromising of the Spey leader, tip, or tippet. Retrieval direction is also changed easily with a flip of the clutch bearing. Lastly, our spool design features full-frame line guards to eliminate any chances of shooting line migration, a wide palming rim to allow for additional control while fighting fish, and also capacity dimensions to match larger-diameter Spey lines.


 6 / 7 / 8 | 150 yds/30lb + 600gr Skagit Head + 100ft SL