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Sage Spey R8 Rod 4pc 8wt 13'6"

by Sage
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Original price $ 1,300.00
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By utilizing our proprietary Revolution 8 graphite, SPEY R8 rods heighten the smooth transfer of energy throughout the three key components of the Spey cast, allowing anglers to effectively Lift line off the water, Load the rod sufficiently, and Deliver the fly to the target. Casts become instinctive and consistent. Simultaneously, we Fine-Tuned rod models and actions to match the vast array of Spey situations found around the globe. The result is a Spey Casting Synergy that’s enjoyable and approaching effortless. Be it steelhead, Atlantic salmon, king salmon, or sea-run brown trout; Skagit, Scandi or Traditional lines; SPEY R8 rods capitalize on each cast, increasing the likelihood of the almighty moment that we all are devoted to.


When tenuous wading and compromised space for D-Loops call for situational and creative Spey casts, Switch rods are ideal - often essential - tools. The SPEY R8 Switch rods are built for Spey casting in the closest of quarters, where maximum distance isn’t required but getting the fly to turnover and into the zone is critical. Efficient, capable, and dynamic, these models pack a punch and allow anglers to alter their cast and change approaches according to the surroundings. Despite their shorter length of 11’6”, they cast both Skagit and Scandi lines to necessary and even surprising distances. In core sizes of 7- and 8-weight, they’re scaled to match a variety of species from trout to salmon and steelhead.