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Regal MEDALLION Midge Head Series Fly Tying Vise

by Regal
Original price $ 200.00 - Original price $ 310.00
Original price
$ 310.00
$ 200.00 - $ 310.00
Current price $ 310.00


If you are a trout lover, we may have just the vise head for you. The Midge Vise Head may be for tiny flies, but don’t let that fool you into thinking it doesn’t have the Bulldog Bite Regal is known for. Specifically designed to hold hooks as small as size 32 and as big as 6, the Midge is meant for small flies but can tie a wider size range if needed. If you’re looking for a Midge as part of the Revolution Series, it is available via custom order only

*The Infinity Material Clip is available for purchase separately.