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Renzetti Presentation 3000 Series Vise

Original price $ 359.99 - Original price $ 479.99
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$ 479.99
$ 359.99 - $ 479.99
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The Presentation 3000 is the ideal vise for the tyer who ties small flies and streamers. Since it was introduced in 1972, the Renzetti 3000 Bent Shaft design made this vise unique and recognized worldwide as a Renzetti design. The Renzetti Vise design is covered under the US Reg # 2535148.

Crafting miniature offerings can require considerable hand and finger manipulation. The jaw design of The Presentation 30000 provides maximum finger clearance behind and around the hook.

Renzetti's signature rotary feature enables you to wind thread, hackle, or other material around the hook with precision smoothness you'll appreciate, whether you're tying your first fly or your 1000th.