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Top Ten NEW Euro Nymphs for 2023 - Posted by Fullingmill

Top Ten NEW Euro Nymphs for 2023 - Posted by Fullingmill

2023 is here, and we’ve been hard at work sourcing and designing new flies for you during the past 12 months. As euro nymphs prove to be increasingly effective for trout all over the world, we added a host of tried and tested patterns to this collection. From Howard Croston to George Daniel and Pat Weiss, you’ll find flies from some of our most popular Signature Tiers. Follow along and check out our top 10 new euro euro nymphs for 2023!


Oil Slick Perdigon

Designed by the guys at Fly Fish Food, their Oil Slick Buzzer was the inspiration behind this little gem. Boy, does this little bug work! The UV CDL tail fibers along with a flashy body and our UV Metallic Pink tungsten bead make for a knockout combination. This is a phenomenal searching pattern that stands out especially on overcast days.


Croston’s Full Metal Jacket

The Full Metal Jacket is the ultimate combination of extra weight and slim profile. World Champion Angler Howard Croston’s innovative bead fixing method with our Tungsten Drop Beads ensures that this fly is extremely heavy, but still slim. This is no small feat. On top of that, the combination of materials on this pattern make for a fantastic imitative look, with just the right amount of flash to catch a trout’s eye. This nymph will get down into the strike zone faster than just about anything else, and will fool them time and time again.


Croston’s Full Metal Jacket Micro Perdigon

This is a micro version of the standard Full Metal Jacket. It incorporates the same bead fixing method, but is instead finished as a simple perdigon. This pattern is available in a size 22 with a 3.2mm Tungsten DropBead, and will sink faster than anything in your fly box.


Croston’s Chenille Worm

This simple chenille worm utilizes our Tungsten Drop Bead in the center of the hook shank. Additionally, the bead is painted with a hot spot for a fluorescent pop. This allows it to be level when sinking, and it rides similarly through the drift.


Weiss’ Penny

Like your favorite lucky penny, Pat Weiss’ Penny Perdigon will bring you good fortune while on the river in any fishing situation. This little magic nymph seems to work in any condition throughout the year. This color and profile does a great job of representing a host of mayfly species, so is a great option whenever mayflies are active in the drift regardless of the specific hatch.


Weiss’s Possum

Pat Weiss’ CDC Possum nymph is a great choice for searching new waters or pressured waters alike. Like his CDC Skunk, this pattern features a small pearlescent flashback, just a touch of Ice Dub for the thorax and a small hot thread collar to finish it off. The anchor version of this pattern, comes in one bead size heavier than the standard per hook size.


Hot Rib Walt’s

This is Fulling Mill Technical Manager Eric Kelley’s version of the Walt’s Worm. He double ribs these with GB floss followed by a mono counter-rib to protect the floss. Tied with an extra slim body, these get down where they need to be and fast.


GD Sunburst Perdigon

This is a cracked back perdigon from Signature Tier George Daniel. This patterns is meant to imitate sulphur mayfly nymphs in the eastern US and PMD’s in the West. This is a fast sinking pattern that should be right at home in your nymph box.



Keslar’s Jail Pocket

This is Signature Tier Josh Keslar’s ultimate searching pattern. When you’re blind fishing in heavily pressured waters this is a great anchor fly as it’s subtle, with the slight pop of a pink bead. This will allow you to present to pressured fish without putting them down. Plus, this is a great pattern on high water days as it stands out great in turbid water.


Miller's Simple Sulphur

Josh Miller’s secret sulphur nymph can now be added to your fly box. As part of our Tactical Anchor collection, this fly is available in two bead sizes per hook size. This will allow you to tailor your drift to the river you fish, ensuring the best presentation. The color combination on this pattern from dark to the orange/yellow in the thorax is a super trigger for fish.




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