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Fulling Mill Fly Boxes

Fulling Mill Fly Boxes

Guide Box

Published: 22nd March 2022 | Author: Fulling Mill

Guide Box loaded with nymphs.

Fulling Mill is excited to announce the newest addition to our fly box collection: the Guide Box. With a capacity of 672 flies, it’s made from durable polycarbonate with a clear frosted lid, and it features single sided slotted foam. It’s available in Grey, Blue and Red.

This box was designed with boat anglers in mind. For example, while it’s similar to our Stealth Box, it has much more head room. As a result, it holds nearly three times the number of flies.


  • W= 280mm (11.02″)
  • D= 186mm (7.32″)
  • H = 24mm (.94″).

It can fit nymphs, medium streamers, and medium dry flies. And, with three colors available you can organize your boxes by fly type, which is ideal for quick fly changes. This is the perfect option for loading all your extra patterns in a boat box or backpack. In addition, this will serve as a great storage box for your extra ties over the winter.


The Guide Box compared to the other boxes in the range.


If you like to have your patterns organized in a bag or boat box, this is perfect for you.


A front view of the Guide Box compared to our Stealth and Pocket Boxes.


It will comfortably fit streamers, as well as nymphs and dries.


The box comes in Red, Blue and Grey.

Fulling Mill boxes have been designed from years of experience and testing on the water, with anglers in mind. In addition, they’re made from an extremely durable polycarbonate with a dense slotted foam. As a result, they can withstand hard use on the water. What’s more, we’re proud to say that they are machined and assembled completely in the UK.


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