• Waterworks - Lamson Arx Fly Reel
  • Waterworks - Lamson Arx Fly Reel

Waterworks - Lamson Arx Fly Reel

$ 200.99



Purpose built. The continuing evolution of Spey and Scandi lines, shooting heads, flat mono, and more require a reel that helps prevent line snags and delivers the high performance you expect from Waterwork-Lamson. Arx is a reel built with purpose. Spey or switch cast a variety of lines with maximum control and reliability. Arx has a full cage frame that encapsulates the spool to prevent line from escaping or snagging in critical areas. Normally a configuration like this would do a good job at preventing line fouling, but would preclude palming the reel. Arx is carefully milled on the bottom third of the reel to expose a full palming section. Even the drag knob has been designed to provide optimal grip without exposing a portion of the reel to line fouling.

  • Spey specific
  • Full cage frame design, prevents line snagging and escape
  • Shield-like style to shed or wick away line that may often get caught on handles & drag knobs
  • Bottom portion of frame is machined away; allows for palming. Most full frame reels do not offer “palm-ability”.
  • Heavier reel to balance two-handed rods
  • Large arbor
  • U-Shaped arbor helps prevent line stacking (all of our reels have this).
  • Sealed conical drag
  • Hard anodized in Hard Alox finish
  • 100% US Manufactured and Assembled


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