• TCO Reading Tight-Line Nymphing 101 Class

TCO Reading Tight-Line Nymphing 101 Class

$ 150.00



Tight-line Nymphing 101 

Let’s be honest, if you want to catch more fish, you nymph.  If you want to catch even more fish you tight-line.   For this class we will focus on the basics of tight-line nymph fishing. Covering when tight-line nymph fishing is the most effective; build our very own rigs, and weight placement.  We'll dig into fly selection and where those flies should be fished in the water level. We'll also work on making sure you can cast those nymph rigs with clean presentation, and most importantly how to detect strikes and set the hook. All of this will give you the tools to cover more water and catch more fish!

This class will be instructed by TCO Reading's Andy Ellis and is limited to 6 people

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