• TCO Reading Streamers 101 Class

TCO Reading Streamers 101 Class

$ 150.00

May 31st


May 31st | 10am - 2pm

About: So you've started fly-fishing and nymphing under an indicator is working, but you're looking to be more versatile on the water. You see all this craze over streamers, but it seems like too much investment, or maybe it just seems like it's too big of a switch from your comfortable 9' 5x leader you've always used. In this class, we'll break down the basics of streamer fishing for trout. We'll look at different streamers to use, when to use them,  and how to set-up a solid streamer rig. When you're done, you'll be able to better understand why that sculpin, crayfish, or baitfish pattern will give you the best chance to catch the largest fish in your home water. 
Class size limited to 6 people

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