• TCO Reading Advanced Dry Fly Techniques Class

TCO Reading Advanced Dry Fly Techniques Class

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April 19th


April 19th 10am-2pm

About: Do you ever find yourself fishing dry flies but for some reason you can't ever get that one picky fish to eat? Or maybe you're still unsure of how to effectively fish a spinner fall? Or maybe the words dun, cripple and emerger aren't quite as familiar as they should be. We'll be going covering everything you need to know to bring your dry-fly fishing to the next level. We'll be covering everything from selecting patterns to reading water to improving your presentation. Come out with Wiley Paul, TCO staffer and longtime guide on the West Branch of the Delaware River, and gain some knowledge that will allow you to experience more of those heart-stopping dry-fly eats!

Class size limited to 6 people

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