• TCO Fly Tying Class: Learn From Our Experts At The Reading Location

TCO Fly Tying Class: Learn From Our Experts At The Reading Location

$ 25.00

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TCO Reading is proud to begin offering in-store fly, tying classes. All of our classes will be held on Sundays from 3-5 pm and will be limited to 5 students. An instructor will lead the class in tying the fly of the week and help individuals with skills and techniques to make tying fun and easy. These classes will be geared towards beginners, but experienced fly tiers are welcome as well, there will be plenty of tips and tricks to learn. Students should bring their own vice and tools. The calendar is listed below. These classes will just not be about tying patterns but focused on technique, bug life, and material selection. 

December 6th 2020 - Small Streamers
The wooly bugger and slumpbuster are great streamers that can be fished in any trout stream throughout the country.

December 20th 2020 - Stonefly Nymphs
Stoneflies are large major food sources in our bigger rivers that make for great anchor flies: in this class we will learn two basic stonefly patterns.

January 3rd - Sam - Lightning bugs & Copper John's
Two fast sinking mayfly nymphs with a little flash to grab their attention.

January 17th - Grant - Flashback Pheasant tails & Iron Lotus
More mayfly nymphs to diversify your nymph box and showcase different materials and techniques.

February 7th - Sam - Dry Flies (Adams & Catskill Style)
Two dry flies of the Catskill tradition, one as an attractor and one to specifically match mayfly duns. 

February 21st - Grant - Sparkle Minnow & Sculpin Headbanger
Variant of a wooly bugger great for chasing trout and smallmouth, headbanger is a great sculpin imitation for getting down deep.

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