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TCO Fly Tying Class: Dry Fly Techniques - Classic PA Hatches - February 22nd 2023

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This class will be geared toward advanced tiers, or intermediate tiers who are ready to step up their game by learning a few dry fly patterns that require you to learn some new techniques. Though each pattern will reflect a prevalent PA hatch, all of these patterns can be adapted to match mayfly and caddis flies throughout the country with a few small changes. 

Instructor: Frank Landis is a TCO Employee in Boiling Springs and Guide for Relentless fly fishing. He specializes in fishing the Cumberland Valley as well as the limestone streams of the State College area. Frank also spends time every summer traveling the country to target trout throughout the Rockies in addition to the east coast. 

All tying materials will be provided for the class. Students should bring their own vise and tools.

Date: February 22nd, 2023
Time: 6pm - 8pm
Location: TCO Boiling Springs
Length of Class: 2 Hours
Cost: $25
Number of Participants: 10