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TCO Fly Tying Class: Multi-Purpose Streamers - February 8th, 2023

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Join us at TCO Boiling Springs as you will learn how to tie two different streamers that can be used in a variety of situations from brook trout, to bass, to false albacore fishing. The goal is to learn the basics of tying Whitlock's Waking Minnow and the "Hoo" fly so that they can be tied for fishing on anything from a 3 to a 9 weight fly rod.

Whitlock's Waking Minnow is a precursor to modern day bass poppers that resembles a floating Rapala when fished correctly. It makes very little noise on the surface but is known to entice big top water hits, or takes just below the surface.

The "Hoo" fly is a more modern top water fly that makes use of Howitzer baitfish heads to imitate a large range of baitfish like dace, shiners, and bay anchovies. Both patterns should have you ready to hit the water no matter where your next fishing trip is.

These flies can be tied in a wide range of sizes that will cover your bases from foot or from a boat.  These patterns have combined the traditional way of tying streamers with the new articulated patterns that have changed the way streamers are fished.

This is a class for intermediate and advanced tiers. All tying materials will be provided for the class. Students should bring their own vise and tools. Hosted by Nate Vorodi.

When: Thursday February 8thrd, 2023
Start Time: 6pm-8pm
Location: TCO Boiling Springs
Length of Class: 2 Hours
Cost: $25
Number of Participants: 10