• Orvis Only The River Knows Dvd

Orvis Only The River Knows Dvd

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Back in 1988, one of the most iconic fly fishers of our time, Lars Lenth, spent three months exploring New Zealand's fabled Lethe River and fishing for its abnormally large trout. At night, he would sit down in a remote cabin and write down his experiences in a journal. Nearly 25 years later, young trout bum Rolf Nylinder loses his way in the wilderness near Lethe. By chance, he finds Lenth's long-lost journal, full of insights about the very soul of fly fishing. Along with Rolf on the trip is documentarist Peter Christensen, filming their attempts to catch trout and Rolf's ever-growing interest in the wisdom of the journal. The old book becomes a moral compass for Rolf, who gradually becomes more and more obsessed by the poetic adventures Lenth wrote down in a dreamy past. Destiny forces the two fly fishers together, but what will happen when their worlds collide? Live the adventure and find out in this epic New Zealand fly-fishing video. time: 80 minutes. Made in USA.

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